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You came, all smirks and colognes,
A crisp button down, a contrasting necktie,
But involuntarily, you built a reflex.

In me, to hide my discoloured teeth,
Gather my umbrella cut creases,
And look down at crooked toes.

Still, you yanked my halterneck,
Not for a better view,
Instead trace my bruised spine.

Then, to attain a perfect grip,
On a pair of drooping shoulders,
You let yourself also melt.

Now ready and set to twirl me around,
You stapled that skater shift back,
And let me go about, like a spinning top.

However, towards the end,
I clutched onto my sleeve,
To the much hyped, “Shall we dance?”

~Poem 9

Did they really dance?
(Picture credits: Richard S. Johnson)
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That "Heidi" inside you

Wipe out the mist, but condense your sight
Picture yourself standing at wuthering heights

Spring up and about, don’t stay put
Hop off your porch and go gallivanting barefoot

Gallop over the pastures like jolly fillies
Wonder what spiders have to do with lilies

Start by searching for snowdrops
Turn baskets and berries into your props

Tag along with some other species
Chase after them, then fall on your knees

Form a circle around the mighty Alp
Witness the breeze trace your scalp

Impersonate those thick clouds
While you sprawl on flowery mounds

Let the docile daisies govern your motion
And be sure to gulp down their divine potion

Open up your heart to Eastertide
Tell all the bitterness to run and hide

Gleam and rejoice with a mere pretzel
Now, impregnate that “Heidi” buried in your vessel.

~Poem 8

There is a child buried in all of us and we must set it free
(Picture credits: Unknown; Source Pinterest)

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As the sun shines on everyone
On everyone but me
Jigsaws scatter again
This time with broken loops
Where rainbows have an end
And forget-me-nots lose their essence
Elastics break by pushing
And wishes die before hopes
Hour glasses halt midway 
While the windchimes’ melody fades
Pebbles guide me along
To a house, but not a home
Where brackets don’t open
Let alone close
A different realm, a different outlook
Somewhere that’s me without you.

~Poem 7

In a world without you
(Picture credits: Tsurechii)