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Retold for Waliyha (Part 3)

“I…I…ran away. I am lost, betrayed,” she said peeping over the lady’s shoulder, “and hungry.” Waliyha fumbled as she started her explanation, but then blurted the rest out in a rush. After a few minutes, she realised that she had given away her dignity along with her story. The woman in front of her, in spite of being old and poor now had the power to label her.
However, when the lady grabbed her into a hug, every nerve of her brain remained perplexed. She took Waliyha inside and treated her as if she was her own child. She served her with whatever she had and made sure that she drank the whole glass of water.
Being from a small household, the lady had to seek permission from her man to let Waliyha stay in their house for some time. The man didn’t show any trace of objection, but when Waliyha stated that her parents had strong connections, the couple got a little worried, for the whole matter would definitely involve the police. And at the back of her mind, even Waliyha knew that her plan would have backfired and the police would be on the lookout for her.
Waliyha felt guilty seeing them tensed, and out of that guilt constructed another lie. She gave them a false address, and without questioning her much, they dropped her off there, not knowing that Waliyha was leading herself up the garden path!
Waliyha looked on, as the couple proceeded towards their home, and as soon as they were out of sight, she took an about turn, and made herself get lost in the town. She walked in circles, trying to find herself in all that chaos. Just then, a taxi driver pulled in front of her, assuming that she needed a ride. At first, she thought of asking him to drop her at the sea, but then she changed her mind by reviving some hope. By now the bunch of cash had turned into a few noisy coins. So, she asked him the directions to the nearest PCO.
He didn’t pick up.
‘Well that was obvious,’ She tried to reason with herself.
As she continued to walk, she felt someone follow her. She felt it was just her imagination, but when she felt a tap on her shoulder she began weeping, as a result of her reflexes going all haywire. She turned around and saw that it was a boy, but it wasn’t him.
“You’ve run away from home, right?” He asked exactly what was obvious to him.
“What’s it to you? Mind your own business!” Waliyha rebuked at him.
He didn’t take her bitter words too seriously, and said, “I have some work for you.”
Waliyha looked up with a spark in her eye, but swiftly looked down, realising his intentions.
She ran from that spot, and found herself in front of a school. She begged the guard to let her in.
He noted that she was about to pass out, and then agreed to keep her in. He took her to the servant’s quarter, gave her a glass of water and an apple that he had bought for himself, and told her that the principal would come and talk to her in a few minutes.
Later, a lady entered that room, leaving Waliyha surprised. It was her aunt, and only her aunt who had come to pick her up. She presumed that her parents had disowned her.
Waliyha and her aunt both cried a puddle of tears as they gazed at each other.
Her aunt accompanied her till her doorway, and then let her face the consequences by herself. Waliyha stared at her parent’s feet, while walking in with baby steps. But her dad ran towards her and held her in his arms, without speaking a word. Her mother also burst out in tears, with a billion emotions filling her heart.
They didn’t question her, but the police had to do their duty. They began their interrogation, but Waliyha didn’t have the heart to get the boy in trouble, even after knowing that she had been blamed for the whole matter. What bothered her was his motives. She just wanted an answer as to why he did what he did. But she couldn’t, as now her phone was being tracked every moment.
Today, all her parents want from her is that she should be able to stand on her feet, with her head held high.
A random stranger’s door had opened for her, the door she had locked, still welcomed her with open arms, and moreover, she had unlocked the door of her parent’s hearts.

*This was based on a true story. Names and other information were altered for privacy reasons.

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