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Make me cry

In a white flowy dress,
On an evergreen hilltop,
Under the lovely tree top,
And beside the spilling stream,
I look on, as nature absorbs my uneasiness.


I feel too light and free,
Like a strand of bougainvillea flowers,
Peeking over the other side of the fence,
To observe the lotus all by itself,
And so, nature’s gloominess sinks in my mind.

Just then,

He turns up in his flannel shirt,
So warm and heavenly scented,
Its checks amount to the depth of his heart,
And its cuffs romance his wrists,
While his corduroy jeans trace the grass.

And suddenly,

My heart feels just about right,
As I find home, in his embrace,
Where I fit in, so snugly,
That my necklace hooks onto his buttons,
And his breaths sync with my grief.


Please make me cry,
Be that typical society,
Be that ruthless critique,
As someone is glaring at you with disgust
Just for even considering my request.

~Poem 23


Your average girl.

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