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What if I named you Rose,
Not a yellow or a peach rose,
But just a plain rose,

Would you quit behaving like a chameleon on the loose? 

What if I labelled you as Rose,
Not a wilted or a blooming rose,
But just a simple rose,

Would you let go of your habit of cherry-picking?

What if I called you Rose,
Not a summer or a winter rose,
But a good old rose,

You would still find a degree of comparison, wouldn’t you?

~Poem 24

Or am I making assumptions?
(Picture credits: Unknown; Source: We heart it)
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You cried
You cried because you’re blown just for fun
Cried because you became a mere soulless molecule
Floating around like a useless being
Because when you landed
They lifted you up
Stared at you
Sneered at you
Sneezed at you
You were blown again
Oh! You cried again, isn’t it?
My friend, I just wanted to ask –
Have you ever seen a dandelion cry?


~Poem 11


Have you my friend?
(Picture credits: Unknown; Source: Pinterest)

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As the sun shines on everyone
On everyone but me
Jigsaws scatter again
This time with broken loops
Where rainbows have an end
And forget-me-nots lose their essence
Elastics break by pushing
And wishes die before hopes
Hour glasses halt midway 
While the windchimes’ melody fades
Pebbles guide me along
To a house, but not a home
Where brackets don’t open
Let alone close
A different realm, a different outlook
Somewhere that’s me without you.


~Poem 6

In a world without you
(Picture credits: Tsurechii)
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The Burning Leaf

A vermilion flame ignites,
Promising to grasp the petiole
While sailing wings grow allergic,
To the blossoms that surround
It sways and sways,
Hoping to bury the scars
The rain reminds it again,
Only to befriend the weeds
She came in with a bent stinger,
Begging and pleading for bail
The rashes had spread by then,
Ashamed by her damage,
From ruptured veins and bald sepals,
She’d maimed the heart of the leaf.

~Poem 5
Ego obsession
(Picture credits: Unknown; Source: Mobogenie)