Who/What inspired you to start this blog?

The truth is that I inspired myself. 😀 I didn’t know what exactly a blog was, and I saw someone suggesting another person create a blog. I searched the word up and then started posting my writings on Tumblr, Thoughts.com and then finally Blogger.

Why did you choose the name Plain Jane, and what does it mean?
In the literary world, “Plain Jane” is a phrase, which refers to a girl with an average, or rather simple appearance. I chose this name as I wanted to associate my blog with a literary figure and also because it best describes me.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging on 17th September, 2014.

How does one create a blog?
1) Well, first of all, you need to choose a topic or theme on which you would be writing. 
2) Choose a platform, such as Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger. No one paid me to say this, but I would suggest you use Blogger. 🙂 It’s completely free and is good if you want to write long posts. 
3) The next step is picking a title for your blog. Be innovative, be creative, be yourself. 
4) Prepare around 5-10 posts beforehand. Publish them, share them on social media, and then ask people for promotion.

Visit this link for more help.

What app do you use for your quotes?
I use an app called Phonto for my quotes.

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