For my readers ☺
A few of my readers found my language tough. So I’ve decided to give you the meanings of the words I use. Yes, another alternative is to use simpler words. But that would spoil my flow. I’ll keep adding the words according to their usage in my posts! I hope this will help you. *_*

Alphabet soup for building up vocabulary 

You, me and my yellow teeth
terrazzo- a kind of flooring material made of marble or granite chips
gingham- a type of cotton cloth with checks

And she learnt to fly
Paradigm- a typical example or pattern
Unfurl- unfold
Brooch- an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch.
Embellishments- decorations, designs
Spool- a cylindrical device on which film, magnetic tape, thread, or other flexible materials can be wound. (in this context, a thread)
Brawl- fight, quarrel
Quill- a pen made from a main wing or tail feather of a large bird by pointing and slitting the end of the shaft.
Fathom- understand

Cityscapes- visual appearance of a city
Cloudscapes- visual effect of a large cloud formation
Streetscapes- view of streets
Moonscapes- landscape resembling the surface of the moon
Dreamscapes- scene resembling dreams

Park bench sayings
Canoodling- cuddling
Treachery- disloyalty
Devour- consume
Entwined- twist together, interlink

Sleeping in Blue Jeans

Haphazard- careless
Repent- regret
Silhouette- shadow
Akimbo- legs being wide open

Ode to the Fall Leaves
Fall- autumn
Exquisite- extremely beautiful
Aesthetic- concerned with beauty
Albeit- although
Courtship- relationship
Mosaic- a pattern made out of glass pieces

Cottage (Part 2)
Fortress- castle
Balmy- warm
Ferns- plant
Goldfinch- a bird
Chuckles- giggles
Flushing- blushing
Confide- reveal
Dunes- mound of sand
Lethal- dangerous
Gerunds- a verb form used as a noun
Warehouse- storehouse
Barricade- barrister
Hems- edge
Worn-out- old and tattered
Banquet- feast
Hub- centre
Serenade- song sung by a male for his love in the evening; as opposed to aubade
Bedew- wet
Flair- talent
Bemused- confused
Lopsided- one side lower than the other

Cottage (Part 1) 
Gullible- innocent
Shenanigans- mischief, pranks
Embosom- to bring close to one’s bosoms
Dulcet- sweet
Niveous- resembling to snow
Wintertide- winter
Morose- sad
Run errands- to go out to do something
Dwell- live or reside
Doleful- sad
Aubade- a song or poem about lovers parting at dawn
Grub- meal
Appeased- satisfy
Cottage cheese- kind of cheese made at home (paneer)
Tofu- soya bean
Malt- barley
Mien- expression
Amused- find something funny
Good morrow- good morning/day
Wordy- using lot of words

That “Heidi” inside you 
Wuthering- turbulent, fierce wind
Stay put- to stay somewhere without moving
Gallivanting- roam around for pleasure
Filly(ies)- a young, female horse
Snowdrops- A kind of flower
Alps- a mountain range
Eastertide- Spring or Easter time
Pretzel- a crisp biscuit
Heidi- A book by Johanna Spyri

Loops- the joining parts of a jigsaw piece
Forget-me-nots- a kind of flower

Samhain: A finite rainbow 
Samhain- the first day of November, celebrated by the ancient Celts as a festival marking the beginning of winter. Halloween is similar to this festival.

Dead letter (An epistle)
Dead letter- a term used for a letter that is undelivered or unclaimed
Epistle- a literary work in the form of a letter or simply a letter
A Dear John letter(Dear Jane letter for females) – a letter from a woman sent to her spouse end her relationship as she’s found someone else
Man-at-arms- An archaic term for someone who serves in an army
Matryoshka- Russian dolls (Eight in one)
Akimbo- standing with arms on hips and elbows turned outwards/can be used with reference to legs being wide open.
Missive- letter
Irksome- annoying
Yuletide- archaic for Christmas
Munchkins- short person(used informally)

3D (The third heart)
Staccato- a note or sound detached from other ones
Manifested- proved
Haughty- arrogant
Apex- peak
Scrutinise- inspect or scan
Chivalry- courteous behaviour
Yearn- desire for something
Distal phalanx- first part in bone of fingers and toes
Whims and fancies- done according to one’s wishes
Devil’s triangle- Bermuda triangle
Adhere- stick

The burning leaf
Petiole- the end point of a leaf that adjoins it to the stem
Sepals- a part of a flower, right underneath it
Maimed- injure/hurt

Onlooker- observer
Weary- worn out
Wavelet- ripple
Tintless- colourless
Larynx- voice box
Oracle- message given by a priest
Rhumb- an imaginary line that cuts all meridians and used to determine a ship’s course
Zephyr- cool breeze
Tenor- singing voice of a male
Pivoted- turned
Humped- bent
Beauteous- beautiful
Dunes- mound of sand
Raven- bird; glossy black colour
Rubbles- fragments of stones
Musky- taste or smell like musk, it’s secreted by a male deer
Meads- meadows
Penetrated- go through something
Anaesthetic- a substance that neutralises sensitivity
Unembellished- undecorated
Unblemished- without any flaws
Swooned- fainted in awe
Scum- layer of dirt on the surface of a liquid
Glum- feeling sad
Paradox- contradictory
Succumb- surrender
Quivered- shivered

Short, fat and ugly 
Musing- wondering
Archaic- age old/old fashioned
Dichotomy- contrast between two things
Apparelled- wearing
Pouffe- a stool with no back
Espouses- marries
Aloof- away from it/detached
Foxed- fooled
Diction- choice of words
Savvy- shrewd and knowledgeable
Elm- a tree
Discernment- understanding
Unkempt- messy
Tether- tie
Rant- shout

Once parched souls 
Parched- extremely thirsty/dry
Euthanasia- good death
Beseech- beg
Beatific- excited
Clad- wearing
Aphrodite- Greek God of beauty
Eros- Greek God of love
Writhes- fidgets

As sweet as Mithu
Booful- beautiful
Squirm- fidget
Ballad- a lyrical poem, usually written with the intention of singing it
Elegy- a poem written for a deceased being

Writing blues
Forlorn- sad
Glaciate- freeze

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