Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog, as this itself brings a smile to my face. I really appreciate the fact that you were curious enough to click on my bio. 
Side note: Although I enjoy filling slam books, I suck at writing bios. If you choose to read further and get disappointed, it’s your fault. Sue yourself.

In three words: Wordsmith|| Selenophile|| Librocubicularist
In a typical social media way: Hi! I am your average girl.
In a slightly longer manner: I’m Vani, an inspirational/creative/personal blogger from India. These few facts aren’t numbered, but I still claim to be an even number freak. My ultimate aim in life is to write stuff that appears as if they were taken off the net! I also want to go back to the vintage era. The wrong kind of jeans irritates me. And umm I draw; I draw analogies.


Here you’ll find personal experiences, thoughts on random human beings and snippets of my weird imagination in the form of stories, poems, letters, and quotes. Other than that, you can also expect travelogues and book reviews.
So, what do you do when you feel lost, hopeless or miserable? Try and seek some sort of catharsis (relief), I guess? Well here is what I do- write. In case your escape is reading, then this place is for you. I initially created this blog to give a platform to my write-ups, but slowly people started getting encouraged to try their hand at writing and now it serves as an inspirational hub (I fail to understand 

why as I am yet to understand the complexity of life myself)!


Back in 2014, I would often catch myself feeling worthless and looking at other social media feeds where I had nothing to offer. On 17th September of the same year, I decided to put a stop to those negative thoughts and do something constructive for once- writing a blog.
Now choosing a name for a blog is indeed a struggle. But luckily, I didn’t have to think much as I knew what I wanted. My goal was to stick to a literary term and something easy to remember. My various choices included Damsel’s Diary, Scarlett’s Letters etc. And in the end came Plain Jane, that basically stands for an average girl. I had first heard of this term in the summer of 2008 while playing Facebook quizzes to kill time. That particular one was titled- Which literary figure are you? 
The result of that quiz also gave birth to this blog.
For further queries visit the FAQs section or the Contact page!
Keen on receiving feedback from you all.
Cheers. (With tea of course)  ❤

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